What to Look For in a Singapore Virtual Office

singapore virtual office services

Before choosing a virtual office in Singapore, you should consider several factors. These factors include cost-effectiveness, facilities, and convenience. You should also consider whether or not the service includes a live receptionist. These questions are vital to the success of your business. Read on to discover what to look for in a good virtual office service.


Using virtual office services in Singapore is a cost-effective solution for a growing business. While the cost of prime office space is among the highest in the world, it is prohibitively high for most start-ups. As such, virtual office services provide an ideal solution for young entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

The most common virtual office package in Singapore consists of a mailing address and can be supplemented with additional services if necessary. As a result, it is less expensive than a traditional office and allows you to work from anywhere. A virtual address can also help establish credibility and professionalism with customers.

Quality of facilities

A quality Singapore virtual office should offer a number of features and benefits to help you run a business effectively. For instance, having an address in the city’s financial district is important because it gives your business a credible image. You can also choose a location that is convenient to public transport and major roads. Some prime locations are Raffles Quay and Clarke Quay.

Aside from providing a professional first impression, a Singapore virtual office should also have a location close to the business district. This gives your business a creditable image and makes it convenient for clients to reach you. The following prime business districts in Singapore are ideal for virtual office services.


Virtual offices in Singapore are becoming more popular, especially among small businesses. They offer business addresses, communication services, receptionist services, and business meeting space. Historically, companies have needed to have a physical office address in order to incorporate in Singapore. While there are some advantages to renting a physical office in Singapore, it is not always the most convenient or cost-effective solution for small businesses.

A virtual office is an ideal solution for small businesses that want to establish a professional image, but cannot afford the cost of renting a conventional office space. They provide a corporate environment without the high overhead costs of running a physical office. Many virtual office services in Singapore include a business address, receptionist services, and business meeting rooms, and can help reduce start-up costs while still providing a professional environment.

Live receptionist

A Singapore virtual office service can provide your company with an address, a live receptionist, and other amenities. Many of these services also include a local phone number and meeting room facilities. Rikvin is one company that offers a live receptionist service. They offer two types of answering services, Premium and Standard. Premium customers receive personalized answering services and call recording.

A Singapore virtual office service can offer many benefits, including mail scanning, unified messaging, and access to meeting rooms, day offices, and a live receptionist. These services can be very costly, but are a great choice for small businesses that do not have the budget for an office space.